she needs help

I’m helping to free Vanessa from herself.
The world had provoked her, and irrational acts were the only way to defuse its threat.

well, maybe…

There´s genuine distress.
Many people are at their wits´end. They listen to Vanessa and Mark Savin and start to question their lives.
They see that schools are brain-washing  children into a kind of social docility, turning them into a class who will run the show for consumer capitalism.


useless ideals

Protests tapped all Vanessa’s high ideals, but meaningless devalued them, making her uneasily, aware that reality waited for us outside an already open door.

i can’t reject

I missed Vanessa, but she is beginning to slip into the past, part of a life that I can’t reject, a castle of obligations held together by the ivy of middle-class insecurity.

look at me

Vanessa. I’m just as bad. Flying off from Berlin isn’t what I really want to do. It’s a substitute for resigning from the Adler. I haven’t the courage to do that. Adler is a safe haven, a glorified university department packed with ambitious neurotics.
Think of it – there are thirty senior psychologist cooped up together, and every one of them hated his father.

into rehab

Those last-minute messages from the Institute designed to unsettle my flight across the Atlantic – the resignation of valued secretary, the news that a much-liked colleague had gone into rehab, an urgent email from a company chairman who had discovered Jung’s theory of archetypes and was convinced that it outlined the future of kitchenware design.

maverick psychologist

Luckily there  is a long tradition of maverick psychologists with a taste for oddball behavior before me.
When I read about them, I feel relieved.

Sometimes I think I am being foolish by agreeing to carry other people’s weight like I am doing.
I took up doing it spontaneously when I was very young, and later I made it my job.
It starts taking over your private life before you even realize it. And suddenly, one morning, you wake up and you realize you don’t give a shit about yourself ;you even stopped wondering how you feel, if you are happy or not.