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a legion of nonentities

A legion of nonentities is multiplying the tables of a new mathematics based on the power of zero, generating a psychopathology from their shadows.

nature committed a crime against them

Besides, certain things are meaningless.
After all the theorizing, all the chains of cause and effect, there’s a hard core of pointlessness.
That may be the only point we can find anywhere…

she needs help

I’m helping to free Vanessa from herself.
The world had provoked her, and irrational acts were the only way to defuse its threat.

well, maybe…

There´s genuine distress.
Many people are at their wits´end. They listen to Vanessa and Mark Savin and start to question their lives.
They see that schools are brain-washing  children into a kind of social docility, turning them into a class who will run the show for consumer capitalism.



Most revolutionaries in the last century had aspired to exactly this level of affluence and leisure, and it occurred to me that I’m seeing the emergence of a higher kind of boredom.

useless ideals

Protests tapped all Vanessa’s high ideals, but meaningless devalued them, making her uneasily, aware that reality waited for us outside an already open door.

who is mark savin ?

A quite fever burned in the mind of some brooding solitary, a candle of disaffection that threw ever-longer shadows.

sometime ago

I saw a portrait of myself, taken in the Adler office only eighteen months earlier. Adjusting the rear-view mirror, I compared my drawn features and bruised forehead with the confident and fresh-faced figure looking back at me from the old picture. I seemed youthful and knowing, practiced patter almost visible on my lips.

i can’t reject

I missed Vanessa, but she is beginning to slip into the past, part of a life that I can’t reject, a castle of obligations held together by the ivy of middle-class insecurity.

look at me

Vanessa. I’m just as bad. Flying off from Berlin isn’t what I really want to do. It’s a substitute for resigning from the Adler. I haven’t the courage to do that. Adler is a safe haven, a glorified university department packed with ambitious neurotics.
Think of it – there are thirty senior psychologist cooped up together, and every one of them hated his father.